4 Fantastic Eateries in Albuquerque New Mexico

Albuquerque New Mexico is a city filled with history, museums and culture. It’s no surprise, then, that it’s also home to a variety of eateries serving up delectable dishes all over town.

Farm & Table

You can’t go wrong with a local restaurant that serves up a seasonal menu comprised of homegrown produce and locally sourced foods and wine. Farm & Table offers delightful entrees featuring fresh vegetables and salads made of ingredients grown on a farm run by the restaurant—hence the restaurant’s simple name.

With an array of decadent deserts, homemade breads, and artisanal cheeses, Farm & Table has cornered the market of local gourmet fare.

Jennifer James 101

Jennifer James 101, the restaurant with an intriguing name, is located in the shadow of Nob Hill. Outfitted with a modern flair, it features an open kitchen and a dining room with the ambiance of a European café. The busy eatery is constantly packed with both locals and tourists, and offers a cosmopolitan menu featuring and unusual blend of traditional favorites like deviled eggs alongside gourmet fare like roasted beet soup or foie gras on herbed toast.

Promising fantastic dinners of simple yet exquisite fare paired with outstanding wines, the Jennifer James 101 offers tempting Crispy Skin duck, a mouthwatering Rib-Eye, and diet-breakers like Sticky Toffee Walnut Cake for dessert.


For a fantastic lunch, Vinaigrette is an ideal destination. With crisp salads and steaming soups with bold flavors, you’ll have a great start to your meal. It doesn’t end there. Vinaigrette’s delicious sandwiches and crafted desserts will complete the meal, with each course made of fresh and healthy ingredients. Local favorites are the Cuban torta or the Salacho taco salad.

Budai Gourmet Chinese

Budai Gourmet, owned by Chefs Hsia and Elsa Fang, has won local awards and is a favorite Albuquerque eatery. Featuring the cuisine of Shanghai, Taiwan, and southern China, patrons devour the hand-crafted dishes with delight. Menu favorites are the curried beef, the dim sum, and the unique sweet potato leaves.

The Artichoke Cafe

If you’re looking for an amalgamation of French, American, and Italian cuisine, then the Artichoke Café is right up your alley. Crafting their creations with the freshest seasonal ingredients, they serve up their lunchtime patrons such savory fare as delectable crab cakes, followed by artichoke and red beet ravioli, or perhaps the local favorite—Banh Mi.

These tantalizing bastions of flavor are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to local restaurants, and visitors with discerning palates should be thrilled with the variety and the pleasures offered by the many eateries in Albuquerque New Mexico.