Albuquerque New Mexico History

The area of Albuquerque is located in the central part of New Mexico and is the largest city in the state. With an outlying population of almost 1 million individuals, there are certainly many people that call it home. It is not only an area that offers much to those who live in it, it is also rich in history as well. That history dates back quite some time, and looking at the modern-day history can give you a greater appreciation for what Albuquerque New Mexico has to offer.

In 1706, the area of Albuquerque was founded as a Spanish colonial outpost. In the modern-day city of Albuquerque, you can still see much of the Spanish cultural heritage that started several hundred years earlier. At first, the area was a farming community but it was also nearby to the Camino Real, a military outpost. Because of its Spanish roots, it was built in a traditional village pattern, with a central plaza that was surrounded by a church, houses and government buildings. That central plaza continues to be in existence down to this day.

By the time the 1900s rolled around, there were approximately 8000 people who lived in Albuquerque New Mexico. By that time, it had many of the modern amenities that were available during those days, including a street railway that ran on electric power. Continuing throughout the early 20th century, the area of Albuquerque became home to many individuals who suffered from tuberculosis. The dry climate was good for their condition. It was during that time that a number of sanitaria begin to appear, 2 of which became St. Joseph Hospital and the Presbyterian Hospital.

In 1926, the first travelers to use Route 66 begin appearing in the area of Albuquerque. It truly got started during that time and many restaurants, motels and gift shops began appearing on the roadside. Originally, 66 ran through the middle of the city but it was realigned to Central Avenue in 1937.

In 1939, the Kirkland Air Force Base was built and in the 1940s, The Sandia National Laboratories. During the atomic age, those two additions made Albuquerque a large player in that industry.

The city has certainly seen its changes over the years and is likely to continue changing. One thing that will not change, however, is the fact that Albuquerque is a nice place to live with plenty of warm weather, sunshine and things to do for people of all ages.