Crime Can Happen Anywhere

I have this friend who lives in a small town and she believes that this makes her exempt from being the victim of a crime. That is a ridiculous notion, especially since I know that things can happen regardless of where you live. I used to think the way she did until recently, but I know better now.

I think that people believe that cities like Los Angeles, New York City and Chicago are the only place where random acts of gang violence happen, but that is not true. I have a cousin who lives in Little Rock and he can tell you that there are rough people all over his city. I also know a few people in Connecticut who complain about gang activity all of the time.

I have read a ton of books that talk about gruesome murders and serial killers. Many of them are from the Northwest area of the United States. I always thought that was where things like this happened, but it can happen anyplace. In fact, I just head about a mutilated body found in Albuquerque. I am not sure why, but I always thought of this place as one that was pretty quiet.

Apparently, the woman who was found is the 74th person who was killed in that city this year, which means that they have a fairly high murder rate in comparison to cities of that size all over the country. This proves my point that crime can happen anyplace.

The reality is that you are at risk of being a crime victim anywhere you are, but some places are a bit safer than others. This means that there is no guarantee that a crime will happen anywhere, but there are some locations where it is more likely than not.