Discover The Uniquely Comfortable Climate Of Albuquerque New Mexico

What do you know about the city of Albuquerque, New Mexico? Think for a moment about what you would imagine the climate to be like. Do you picture a hot, desert climate? Maybe you already know that the city is high altitude, and therefore, are you thinking plenty of rain and possibly snow? Perhaps you have no clue, but you’re about to find out more about the weather in this great city and how residents seem to get to enjoy a little bit of everything.

When you look at many other areas throughout the US, there are often seasons left out, or there is no snow, minimal rain or something that makes the climate more one-sided. That’s not really the case with Albuquerque, as mentioned, residents get a little bit of everything. When it comes to the average annual rainfall, it stands at just 13 inches. Then you look at the snow, which is an annual average total of 14 inches. That may sound like Albuquerque New Mexico gets plenty of snow, but when you look at the national average, the city actually falls below the mark.

The average annual precipitation has been discussed, but how many days of the year out of 365 can a resident of Albuquerque expect precipitation? The average amount of days would be right at 81. The average high temperature during the hottest part of the year is 91, and that would of course be in July. Then you take a look at the average low during the coldest part of the year during January, and it’s 25 degrees.

It was mentioned that the city of Albuquerque sits at a high altitude. The average altitude throughout the city is at an elevation of 5,163 feet. As you know, the altitude can certainly affect the climate and many other things. Just to give you an idea, the national average for elevation when it comes to other US cities is 1,443 feet. That’s quite a difference, and you would know why if you’re familiar with the city of Albuquerque geographically.

The city of Albuquerque New Mexico is a great place to live, albeit unique and different than many other US destinations. That’s what you want from a city, one that is like no other. In Albuquerque, you will also get plenty of sun throughout the year, and as for the comfort index, Albuquerque sits at 77 on a scale to 100, while the national average is merely 54.